Invest with Christian Savings

Saving and investing made easy

Product disclosure statement

Christian Savings provides a facility for anybody who wants to invest their money for future returns, and do good in the process

Since 1962, we’ve provided savings and investment accounts for individuals, churches, charities and other Christian entities. We are able to use investors’ funds to offer churches and other Christian charities preferential interest rates to fund the building of churches, youth camps, daycare centres and facilities for other worthwhile community ministries.

We provide three investment options:

  1. Call Accounts and Term Deposits
  2. We allow investors the opportunity to help Christian Savings donate to a nominated charity by electing to donate interest from their deposit. To do this simply follow the normal process of opening a term deposit with us and elect a charity from the following list: World Vision, NZBMS, Christian Savings, CAP, CEC, Life Church.

  3. Your funeral, your way. A deposit with Christian Savings means every dollar is spent exactly the way you want it.